The need to dam a highly productive river is yet to be proven...


Williams Valley

A great place to live


Williams River at Tillegra

Vital to our community


Williams Valley

Area to be inundated if the dam goes ahead...


Williams Valley

Prime agricultural land



A tradition on this productive land...

dairy cows


A living community...

Community Involvement

River water

Vital for biodiversity


Williams River



Riverine forest

A rich ecosystem vital for biodiversity


A special environment...

Could you vote for a party that would destroy this?


Tillegra Bridge

A dead end road? We think not!


No Way!

The need to dam a highly productive river is yet to be proven...

No Way!

Growing tide against Tillegra

Mar 1st, 2009 by admin | 0

No Dam SignAn overwhelming response to 6 Newcastle Herald Polls has demonstrated that Hunter residents are strongly against the proposed Tillegra Dam. The votes in these polls have been up to 2-3 times more than most other polls conducted by the Newcastle Herald during 2008-09, clearly indicating the level of interest in and opposition to this proposal.

A recent street poll by the Maitland Mercury (2/2/09) had 4/5 people saying no to “Do you think Tillegra Dam should be built if it will have a negative impact on the wetlands?”

These results are a telling message to Hunter Water executives, local Labor politicians (especially those with marginal seats) and the NSW Government.
(updated 10 May 2009)

Newcastle Herald polls and results:

Q: Do the potential economic benefits justify the cost of building Tillegra Dam?

Yes (30.1%)
No (69.9%)

Total Votes: 103, Poll Date: 2/04/2009

Q: Hunter Water wants to raise your water bill to help pay for Tillegra Dam. How much extra are you willing to pay per year?

$5 (80.5%)
$50 (11.5%)
$100 (5.7%)
$200 (2.3%)

Total Votes: 87, Poll Date: 20/02/2009

Q: What’s more important: preserving Hunter wetlands or building Tillegra dam to safeguard our water supply?

The wetlands (90.6%)
The dam (9.4%)

Total Votes: 329, Poll Date: 28/01/2009

Q: Should Hunter Water customers pay the whole cost of building Tillegra dam, currently estimated at about $400 million?

Yes, it’s needed to safeguard our region’s future water supply (6.8%)
No, it’s not a priority and water bills are high enough already (93.2%)

Total Votes: 190, Poll Date: 22/12/2008

Q: Should the plans for Tillegra Dam be shelved?

Yes, a rethink is in order (87.9%)
No, we need to drought-poof our region now (12.1%)

Total Votes: 232, Poll Date: 22/10/2008

Q: Does the proposed Tillegra Dam represent a sound investment in the region’s long term drought security?

No (84.5%)
Yes (15.5%)

Poll date: 2008

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