The need to dam a highly productive river is yet to be proven...


Williams Valley

A great place to live


Williams River at Tillegra

Vital to our community


Williams Valley

Area to be inundated if the dam goes ahead...


Williams Valley

Prime agricultural land



A tradition on this productive land...

dairy cows


A living community...

Community Involvement

River water

Vital for biodiversity


Williams River



Riverine forest

A rich ecosystem vital for biodiversity


A special environment...

Could you vote for a party that would destroy this?


Tillegra Bridge

A dead end road? We think not!


No Way!

The need to dam a highly productive river is yet to be proven...

No Way!


No Tillegra Dam Group (NTDG) was a community-based, grass roots organisation that was formed by concerned citizens in protest at the sudden announcement by the NSW Government in 2006 that a dam was proposed that would flood prime farmland and disrupt a farming community with a history spanning up to six generations.

Please have a look around our website – we have a lot of useful information about the proposed dam at Tillegra on the Williams River in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia. This site is about presenting the facts and intelligent discussion of the issues, as well as links to other websites providing quality information about dams and their failures, water recycling, tanks, sustainable water use etc. We welcome comments and constructive discussion about the issues. Go to the blog for the latest info and articles.

Our statement of intent and objectives can be found below. Our newsletters and other publications are available for download (use the search function to find what you want, or browse through the posts categories). Upcoming events will be posted and we will keep you up-to-date with what’s happening.

It’s not just about water…

  • Our future needs good farmland
  • Our future needs healthy rivers
  • Our future needs efficient living
  • Our future needs water supply solutions that are sustainable in the long term.


The No Tillegra Dam Group (NTDG) opposes the NSW State Government’s proposal of November 2006 to construct a 450GL dam on the upper Williams River in the Dungog Shire. The NTDG believes the proposal is unsustainable, unnecessary and unjustified.

· To raise public awareness of this proposal and its future effects on the region at a local, regional and national level
· To engage our own independent consultants on viable, sustainable water management, as well as environmental, social and geotechnical issues arising from this proposal
· To lobby state and federal MP’s in every way possible to show them that there are viable alternatives to secure water supplies in the region thus making a dam unjustifiable
· To lobby for an independent review of the decision and planning process for this proposal, given that there was no community consultation at any stage
· To lobby for a comprehensive and independent study of all options for future water management for the Hunter region
· To urge the NSW government to abandon Tillegra Dam and instruct Hunter Water to focus on sustainable water management
NTDG is a non-political, incorporated community association. Prior to March 2007 the group was known as the Living River Group (LRG).


NTDG will work, along with Dungog Shire Council and all relevant politicians, to ensure that the dispersal of all lands which were acquired for the Tillegra Dam proposal do not remain in the ownership of Hunter Water Corp nor the State Government.

NTDG will work towards a sustainable land-use plan for the Williams Valley, in sympathy with its rural setting, which will maintain the agricultural integrity of the valley.

NTDG will work towards long term protection of the Williams River  to ensure no further proposals to build a dam or cause harm to this environment can be approved in the future. This will include protection for the Ramsar Listed Wetlands

NTDG will work towards the promotion of  sustainable water planning which encourages genuine community consultation, independent review, and ensure that all future water planning is undertaken as per Premier Keneally’s announcement.

No Tillegra Dam Group Incorporated.
ABN: 83 963 060 752