The need to dam a highly productive river is yet to be proven...


Williams Valley

A great place to live


Williams River at Tillegra

Vital to our community


Williams Valley

Area to be inundated if the dam goes ahead...


Williams Valley

Prime agricultural land



A tradition on this productive land...

dairy cows


A living community...

Community Involvement

River water

Vital for biodiversity


Williams River



Riverine forest

A rich ecosystem vital for biodiversity


A special environment...

Could you vote for a party that would destroy this?


Tillegra Bridge

A dead end road? We think not!


No Way!

The need to dam a highly productive river is yet to be proven...

No Way!

Wise Ways to Water

Mar 16th, 2008 by admin | 0

A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead

A collaborative weekend for discussion of issues concerning the Tillegra Dam. The premise of this gathering is that the NSW State Government’s Tillegra Dam proposal raises many questions for those concerned for wise resource management.


11-13 April 2008

At Wangat Lodge

1938 Chichester Dam Road


The Wise Ways to Water Weekend is initiated through the No Tillegra Dam Group. The event is sponsored by Wangat Lodge, an independent centre for education towards sustainability – there is thus no charge for accommodation.

Wangat Lodge is set on an idyllic Wildlife Refuge 20kms north of Dungog. For weekend guests, wholesome food will be provided at cost (around $30 per day) with an appropriate donation sought at the end of the weekend. Families welcome. Accommodation is limited to 46 beds in shared rooms.
PLEASE BOOK YOUR PLACE: Call Ken, Helen or Robert 02-49959265.


The goal is to present an opportunity to:
► Hear expert opinion on issues relating to the Tillegra Dam and water management alternatives.
► Visit sites in the area – the dam site, a farm that would be lost to the flooding, significant natural areas within the flood zone, and the existing Chichester Dam.
► Investigate opportunities for a shared response to the Tillegra Dam proposal.
► Lay the ground for further and continuing collaboration.


Note: Saturday activities are open to everyone. Please come and join in.
Sunday is for invited guests/speakers.

Arrival Friday 11 April, any time

  • Walks and relaxation at Wangat Wildlife Refuge below Chichester Dam.
  • Friday night Soup Kitchen.
  • Possible spotlighting expedition in search of platypus in the Tillegra Dam inundation area (15 mins drive).

Saturday 12 April

  • Early morning visit to Chichester Dam.
  • Breakfast & Pack lunches.
  • Gather at 10.00am at Tillegra Bridge. Walk up Chichester Range to overlook dam site and inundation area.
  • Drive to John and Judy McDonald’s property and walk to River Oak Forest and Precipice Bend, both within inundation area of Tillegra Dam. Packed lunch on river. Return to Lodge by 2.00pm.

Saturday afternoon

  • 2.30-5.30pm Presentations by speakers and discussion. Likely presenters include Nikki Coleman (social issues), Sally Corbett (NTDG), Bill Dowling (local naturalist), Dr Charles Essery (water management planner), Dr Simon Fane (sustainability), Graham Holt (geotechnical), Dr Hugh Jones (freshwater ecology), Pierre Louys (Landcare), Kate Murphy (local economy), Michael Osborn (The Greens), and more…

Saturday night

  • Judy and John’s Sumptuous Repast. BYO-everything BBQ
  • Wine tasting – BYO bottles…
  • Frogging expedition.
  • Outstanding live music from the Paul McNamara Trio…

Sunday 13 April

  • Dawn trip to Williams River – platypus encounter.
  • Breakfast at Lodge
  • Leaders’ meeting: Where do we go from here?
    Small-group brainstorm sessions and an all-heads-together strategy meeting.
    Conclusions and resolutions.
  • Lunch.

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